while watching Women in Struggle, I was trying to align the stories they were sharing to their body language and facial expressions. The women who were interviewed shared (what I interpreted as) a mixture of resilience and numbness. Through their interviews one can see their strength but also vulnerability. each revolutionary had their own story and what they did that was criminalized by the Israeli army. It is inspiring to see the role of women in national liberation movements instead of only male figures and voices.

Im interested in seeing the role of children in these revolutionaries’ lives. One of the interviewees said that adopting her child became life changing. What was it that happened for her when her son entered her life?

What is the role of art in the war? For people who are/were a part of the movement, did art play a role in sustaining their efforts and/or hold communities together? I read a book that contained pictures of art on The Wall and it records people’s angst and frustrations towards the war but att he same time celebrated life and the value of being alive.