Tale of the night fairies follows the stories of sex workers working in urban areas in India. The interviewees share their ideas on uplifting the sex worker communities that are usually demonized by the mainstream public. The interviews demonstrate a lot of strength and wisdom in their negotiations with identities and hostility that may come from neighbors or the police. The film also documents the sex worker carnival, where men and women come together to celebrate this profession that has been around for thousands of years.

I wanted to ask the filmmaker more about the inclusion of the interviewee who refers to themselves as “one of the boys”. Would more conversations on their gender be included if the filmmaker had more time and/or budget? What is their experience being someone who works in a field that is predominantly biological female sex workers?

The women shared about triumphant moments where they resisted policing from the government and the general public. Through peaceful protest, demonstration, educational workshops, carnivals, and outreach to community members by community members, the sex workers were able to expand the scope of their identities to be recognized as educators and professionals areas they have done activism in.