I think it’s interesting how violence against women gets translated to thrill when put in the genre “horror”. It would be interesting to find out the history of the horror film genre.

I must say either I missed something or am not understanding something in class, but the clips of horror movies we watched stirred up some very uncomfortable feelings in me. What was happening? Although I knew everything was staged, deep down I know that these things actually happen to people on a more regular basis than what the movie industry or some audience think. women experiencing and surviving violence is not uncommon. We need to give a deeper analysis of what is happening in films and what they are doing to the audience.

For the future, it would be helpful if trigger warnings were given ahead of time. on a more positive note, this class has opened my eyes to many different genres of film that I wasn’t previously aware of. Its helpful to see women on screen, but representations and depiction of characters are key factors in sustaining ideologies that may disempower (or empower in some cases) characters that represent actual peoples.