Throughout this semester I’ve found the idea of women, guns and violence highly interesting. In many of the films we’ve seen I found a reoccurring theme of women or individuals, who weren’t born naturally violent– but were made that way due to circumstances. I find this idea fascinating because we can apply it to almost every film we’ve seen (or so I would like to argue for most). This mirrors with a lot of other injustices among society. In order to create change, some anarchist may say… there needs to be violence. Guns against guns.

For example, the Black Panthers were perceived as being highly dangerous. What people don’t know is that they were merely protecting themselves from discrimination and police brutality through one of the worse times in history for people of color. 

Thus, this idea that’s been presented by this class is interesting not only because it highlights many issues we have seen in the past, but many issues we are still faced with in the present and future.