The film Maquilapolis shed a light on the exploitation of women in Mexico working in factories. I feel like this film was powerful because it demonstrated the hardships women had to go through to support their families. What was really fascinating to me about this film, is that these women nearly worked themselves to death, literally, because of the horrible working conditions. 

Another aspect I enjoyed about this film was the way in which the maquiladoras these women worked for attempted to extend or prolong these harsh working conditions without higher waged pay. I liked this because it shows how injustice is prolonged until people unite, and fight back against it. These woman most likely would have died from the toxins in the air, had they not done anything proactive. 

At the beginning of the film the women talked about how the men in the factories pushed them around and gave them most of the responsibilities because of the fact that they were women. This also reinforced how traditional Mexico is in terms of gender norms.