One of my favorite!

I love love stories. This one was a little different but an interesting one. There are no words that can exactly describe their relationship. There are many things that can be said about their relationship such as “maybe they are confused about their sexuality” but the film does a good job, in my opinion, showing that this is not the case for this particular love story. It is obvious that they care about one another and they feel something much stronger for one another that they can’t even explain. That is the beauty of their story. That is love- unexplainable and uncontrollable.

It was extremely interesting to see everyone else’s behavior regarding Maria and Mosquita. For example, Yoli’s (Mosquita) parents don’t even acknowledge that Yoli can have a love/romantic relationship with Maria or any other girl. Just like the topic of abortion on the clips of motherhood that we watched for this class, homosexuality is never mentioned, and that makes me think that maybe they for whatever reason where never exposed to it, and therefore never even crossed their mind. Yoli’s parents have a strong focus on her education-her future. They are very strict and they are always policing her.

There are other instances (scenes) in the film when Mosquita and Maria appear to be policed about their homosexuality:

-parents walking in on them when they were at Yolis house laying down together on the sofa

-their classmates and friends watching Mosquita and Maria play when they are on top of one another at the field.

-Guy from the store that keeps gossiping/talking about “girls going inside cars with boys”

The film gives us the sense that Yoli’s parents are ok with Yoli, as long as she is not with a man. It is obvious that they want the best for Yoli and based on the culture and their experiences, a boyfriend means trouble, since she would run the risk of getting pregnant and not continuing her education.

Their love story is like any other love story of high school sweethearts. I love the ending scene with the road. The road, for me symbolizes obstacles that can separate them but them looking at each other on that last scene, says a lot more- they are meant for one another.