Before our class discussion about this film, I was very confuse- therefore I wasn’t sure about how I felt about the film. There is a lot that happens in this film and I feel that as the audience we never get full reasons and explanations of why things with the characters happen the way they do. With that being said, that does not mean that I dislike the film. After we talked about it as a class, things became more clear and things slowly became more meaningful. From my understanding, as an audience, in this film, we are being played!

Things to think about:

-The gender of Shy and Valentine is not defined. The signs/indications that the show us, do not tell us if they are men or women. This breaks us away from having to categorize them into a group (male, female, men, woman, boy, or girl). This film does an excellent job playing with the boundaries of gender.

-Queerness: Not only because of their gender but because of their behavior. Looking at it in a different way would be asking ourselves “who is more queer? Them, us, society? What is the meaning of the film? What is the purpose of the director? What is the story trying to tell us?”

Part of the answer has to do with the world being “queer”. Meaning that, society can not accept “different”. There is a scene that illustrates this very well- the scene with the kids asking if Shy was a boy or a girl at first, and then not really caring about his gender. This shows that the world can see them as the queer ones and they can also see the world as queer. It can go both ways. Another important aspect that i want to point out is Valentines behavior. At times, it seems like he has a mental disability, but this is just another example of how they are viewed for being “different”. In fact they are different; but different doesn’t mean “bad”- and this is, in my opinion, what their story is trying to tell us.